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Retirement Planning

| October 15, 2021

Retirement Planning with Dave Hinde

Hey, everyone, this is Dave from Heritage Investments. I want to take a minute or so today to talk about retirement a little bit. At Heritage, we really think that those retirement years are where we can really help clients and really bring a lot of value.

So, those years leading up to retirement and then to retirement and through retirement is where we feel like we can add a lot of value. There’s a lot of questions that folks have when they’re starting to get towards retirement.

The biggest question of course is do I have enough to retire. We can make projections and help you better answer that question. Things are changing quickly in the retirement landscape. People are living longer. Health care costs are going up. People are really wondering, ‘Where is my income stream going to come from?’ So, those are all things that we can help navigate.

There’re also a few emotional things going on there. All of a sudden, you’re starting into a distribution phase where you’ve been putting money into maybe your 401K or your retirement account, and you’re in the accumulation phase; now all of a sudden you’re in the distribution phase. That feels a little bit different. There’s more uncertainty there.

At Heritage, we can make projections and help you better answer the questions of whether you’re ready to retire and what that might look like for you. So, if you’re entering that phase of life, we would love to have a chance to sit down with you and visit about what we do.