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Our Values



At Heritage Investments we take our clients’ trust seriously. We understand the reliance our clients have on us and the importance of acting in their best interest in every decision. Trust means being honest and fully transparent in everything we do, as well as maintaining confidentiality with all client information. Trust is something that exists with every client relationship and extends throughout our company culture.


At Heritage Investments we take pride in bringing a high level of expertise to our clients. That’s why we seek out educational opportunities that keep us up to date with industry knowledge. Expertise is more than just industry education for us, it’s being in the business for more than three decades, and the knowledge that comes with seeing repeated business and market cycles. 


It’s our passion to serve as a leader for our clients; educating them about solutions, coaching them through tough decisions, and guiding them when the markets become volatile. It’s in these times of uncertainty that sound decision making becomes more difficult, and our role as leader becomes more important. Leadership, for us, extends beyond our client relationships and into the way we interact with our community, team members, and families.


We strive to deliver best-in-class service for our clients. This means staying one step ahead of our clients’ needs to help them achieve their goals. It also means being responsive to all client requests in a timely manner. We continually invest our energy in going above and beyond for our clients.

Client Focus

Our clients are the center of our focus and we approach every day as such. To truly put our clients first, we feel it’s paramount to fully understand both their goals and their current situation. This allows us to give unbiased advice to help our clients achieve their plans and dreams.


Collaboration is a key element that supports our ability to help our clients succeed. We encourage collaboration within our organization as well as with other members of the community and strategic partners. Every member of the Heritage Investments team is humble in their knowledge and relies on collaboration to evaluate new ideas.