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The Tax Aware Investor

| November 04, 2021

The Tax Aware Investor with Charles Hinde

At Heritage Investments we believe it’s important to be a tax aware investor. We don’t want to let taxes rule our decision making when we think about our investments. But we want to be a tax aware investor when we’re looking at our portfolio and looking at investments for the future. So, we think about lots of things when it comes to considerations.


One of the things we think about is, “Am I contributing to the right types of retirement and non-retirement accounts?” “How does trading affect my portfolio and, ultimately, my taxes?” “How do I give away my money in the most advantageous way, either to a charity or to my heirs?” We want to take all of these things into consideration for you and put them together in a cohesive investment plan.


So, if you’re looking to think about your taxes and how they make sense for your future, give us a call. Our number here is 816-364-4900. We look forward to being with you soon.