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Inflation Concerns Answered

| October 15, 2021

Inflation Concerns Answered

Hey, this is Charles Hinde here at Heritage Investments. I wanted to talk to you about one of the key concerns we’re hearing from a lot of investors today — that’s inflation. We’re seeing supply chain issues and rising demand, and all of that is going to be reflected in rising prices. For people that are working, they’re likely going to see rising wages. That can be a really big benefit to help keep up with rising prices.

But for those people in retirement, this is a whole different issue. I saw this morning, actually, that the Social Security Department is increasing their monthly payouts more than they have in the last 40 years. This is a big part of the retirement picture. But the other piece of the retirement picture is someone’s nest egg.

So, how we make sure their nest egg and the money they’ve saved for retirement keeps up and gives them a raise over time. We need to make sure that they have an investment that grows over time, ultimately. We want to make sure we have growth stocks, as well as stocks that have a dividend and have an increasing dividend. We need to make sure we balance that with a bond portfolio that’s well diversified. Hopefully a portion of that is actually increasing the income over time as well.

So, we’re looking to build a diversified portfolio that will last you a lifetime. Our goal is exactly that. If you’re looking to see if you have a portfolio built to last, give us a call. Our number is 816-364-4900. We hope to speak with you soon.